Most Interesting Rice Purity Test Questions Explained

The first two well-framed parts of the Rice Purity Test Questions were focused on different categories. Now from here on-wards the questions further are focused on a completely different category.  All the students, whether boys or girls are surely going to enjoy it a lot both while attempting it and reading it afterward.

Rice Purity Test Questions Defined Part 2

Some of the most interesting and common questions of this category under the Rice Purity Test are as below:

– 1 – Had The Police Called On You

It involves the incidents wherein the cops or the police has ever appeared in front of you with an arrest warrant addressing you or asking you to come along to the station for some investigative purposes.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Had The Police Called On You

Thus some incidents like if you were partying with loud music on late in the midnights and some of your neighbor might have called the cops and they visited you to shut you, people, down.

– 2 – Seen A Dancer

This head involves the instances wherein you might have seen a dancer any bar dancer, got a striper in the party or got a lap dance ever before. It may include happenings like the bachelorette parties or visits to strip clubs or bars with dancers there in.

– 3 – Been Convicted of A Felony

A felony generally means a severe crime that can be punished by one or more years in prison. This major head involves the circumstances that you might have faced ever before wherein you would have been convicted or very forcefully doubted for conducting or participating in such a severe criminal offense or activity.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Convincted of A Felony

It infers whether a person is always considering his boundaries of values or not whether taking up any such activity.

– 4 – Joined The High Mile Club

The mile high club means a group of people who have already made out or had sex on an aircraft sometimes earlier in their lives. It seems to be very interesting and fun to make out kilometers above up and away from civilization. Thus it involves a hell lot of dare to take up such activity and proudly flaunt it as well.

– 5 – Been Put On Disciplinary Probation Or Suspended

Disciplinary probation usually means being suspended or removed out of a particular position of responsibility for a specific time as a consequence of some misconduct or misbehavior. It may include the suspension of students, especially in high school, for playing a particular sort of pranks or disobeying some rules and regulations. Thus it generally tests the discipline status of a student or any other random person involved in working.

– 6 – Gone Skinny Dipping

Going skinny dipping means swimming or bathing in a water pool or body all nude, i.e., without even a single piece of cloth on the body of the person. It may include having fun in some abroad countries on beaches or having sex underwater as per the preference of the person involved. This infers the viewpoint of a person regarding all these thoughts and to check whether he is open-minded with a modern approach affected mindset or is yet conservative in terms of thinking.

– 7 – Urinated In Public

Urinated In Public means whether a person has ever peed in a public place or not without the regard of whatever the circumstance might have been. It may even involve any such activity also taken up during his/her childhood days. It generates out results in terms of value a person gives to the environment or his surroundings. How much he cares about cleanliness, sanitation, and all other such aspects is covered under this head.

– 8 – Held Hands Romantically

This part of the question involved in the rice purity test covers that sphere or character of a person’s life where he/she might have walked hands in hands with his/her partner on roads or any public place and be caught. Whether to do it is correct varies from person to person depending on the broadness of their mindsets. Thus some might think it to be beautiful and healthy while on the other hand, some might think it to be a part of PDAs and fake. Therefore what is right or wrong all depends on the perception of a person.

– 9 – Run From The Police

This involves those moments of a person’s life wherein he/she might have to run from the police due to any reasons that might have happened. It may involve a robbery, some violent protest being involved in or any other possible reason that could have occurred.

Thus it involves that aspect of human life, which requires the involvement of a person in legal matters or other legalities or laws and regulations implied.

– 10 – Had The Police Handcuff You

Being caught by a hot or decent, classy female cop is one of the topmost wishes in a bucket list of a guy, especially teenagers. That appeal or sort of attraction evades young men a lot.

Rice-Purity-Test-Questions Defined - Had The Police Handcuff You

Thus ever been done or involved in such activity or not it is a surely a one time must try and wish for every other guy.

– 11 – Faked Sobriety To Parents or Teachers

It means like when someone is drinking/drugging, but they claim to everyone else that they have been sober since whichever date. It involves lying or making excuses to hide the reality from parents.

Thus the article above has very briefly and to the point described each type of question which is involved in the massive list of various questions of the Rice Purity Test conducted or surveyed by college students to create more bonds with classmates and seniors as well. Therefore only reading through the above context is enough to get a deep understanding of what this test is used for. What type of questions are involved, how to answer them, and why are these included in this test all is clear from the above article. Read Rice Purity Test FAQ.

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