Rice Purity Test Question Loved by Every Student

The Rice Purity Test is a new test developed by the college students today to in a way check the amount of fun they had in their lives before entering into colleges. It involves a set of specific questions from almost every aspect of life covering from criminal offenses been a part of if any to sexual activities- indoor, outdoor, or any other sort of ever involved in.

Being acquaintance to the fundamental questions included in a Rice Purity Test, we will now discuss some of the more exciting questions involved in such a test, and we are surely going to enjoy a lot both while attempting and reading the answers afterward. Rice Purity Test Questions involved in such tests are typically fascinating to be tried and relatable to the life of teenagers.

Rice Purity Test Questions Defined Part 1

Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions in the Rice Purity Test are as follows:

– 1 – Danced Without Leaving Room For Jesus

It means that have you have ever not left a place in between even if it was playing slow and mushy songs while in a party mood. Proms are the places that we visit only for the sole attraction of pop high sound music events it offers and the party vibes that it provides. Since even if a prom like a place plays slow, depressing or motivational songs, have you ever danced therein even then and not left the place in between

– 2 – Been Arrested

Being arrested by hot female cops once in lifetime is a desire of almost every teenager guy in Halloween or wherever doesn’t matter.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Been Arrested

It is just similar to a tick mark in their bucket list and achievement being arrested by cops. Thus this question means merely to ask whether you have ever been arrested in your lifetime.

– 3 – Used Tobacco

It is not a big rage as the drugs and smoking of weeds, especially one the high school students. These children are prone to get addicted to such habits in their high school period.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Used Tobacco

And tobacco is one such consumption habit that is totally unfit for their health, but due to the impact of their company and friends, they might get into this ill. Hence this question asks merely whether a person has consumed tobacco ever in his life till that point of time.

– 4 – Used Marijuana

It is also a type of weed or drug you can say which is smoked to get unconsciousness and relieve mental stress for some people. Since many people are very strict with the policy of no drugs in the system, but some are just the opposite.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Used Marijuana

Consumption of marijuana makes a person calm in his nerves and compels him to oversleep since he remains out of his senses for a certain period of time. Hence this question is asked to check the amount of self-control in you and whether have you been in such a situation ever before.

– 5 – Been Sent To The Office Of The Principal, Dean Or The Judicial Affairs Representative For A Disciplinary Infraction

This question basically is asked to judge or find out whether a person has been involved in some violation of rules and regulations or overseen the instructions as a result of which he/she was asked to pay a visit to the authorities office as a punishment since students in schools and colleges are most afraid of this only, i.e. The communication of their misbehavior to the higher authorities which may even lead to their suspension or cancelling of admission.

– 6 – Had The Police Questioned You

This question is there in the list to check out whether a person has dealt with the cops earlier at some point of time in his life. He might be investigated for some issues or if he was to be doubted, the culprit.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Had The Police Questioned You

In short, if a person has been involved in some criminal activities or not is the main motive of asking this question.

– 7 – Had A Pregnancy Scare

A positive pregnancy test kit in the hands of an unmarried woman is her biggest nightmare. The fear of image, character assassination, and the nervousness of facing the society and family is all that is generates as an outcome.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Had A Pregnancy Scare

Thus this question in asked specially to women in the rice purity test to check out whether they have been involved in some activities even after knowing that these were unfit for them or done them with carelessness and then facing extreme consequences.

– 8 – Been On A Date

It is a way to check out the taste of a person in terms of his/her life partner choices or relationship status. What type of date a person likes, does he believe in dating and all or is interested in creating bonds and talking to new people are all main aspects behind the presence of this question in this list.

– 9 – Been In A Relationship

It is one of the most exciting questions of this list. It helps to judge the emotional understanding of a person’s mind. Whether a person takes his life decisions from heart or brain, whether he believes in the presence of true love or not is all that basically this major head of this list covers about.

– 10 – Been Drunk

Alcohol is one substance which is the most addicting as well as harmful for our bodies. It affects our nervous system and makes a person out of his mind and unfit to judge or analyze a particular decision.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Been Drunk

Even it promotes violence and disturbs maintenance of peace. This question is present here to check whether a person when put under a bit of pressure takes up such activities for relaxation purposes or keeps his control and never gets into these.

– 11 – Played A Drinking Game

Played A Drinking Game is a fundamental question, and the answer to it is yes mostly by every student attempting this test. It is to ask whether in his life a person has played a game involving the use of drinks or not. It can be played with anyone- friends, family, etc.

Thus the context above indeed defines some of the most exciting and common questions involved in a Rice Purity Test in full details. Go to Rice Purity Test Questions defined part 2.

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