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Today is the time of development we are living in. Stress, anxiety, and depression all are the widely growing outcomes of this era. Thus we need to find alternatives to cope up with the pace of such outcomes. Games, writing, art, and various other forms are there to spend our anger, frustration, etc. on but along with being a productive activity.

There are various phases in the life of a person. Initiating from the emotional phase to the mood swings to the professional career-oriented stage and also the physical needs of a human being. There is one such exciting, and useful test developed today to pass our time or divert our minds in a certain way along with knowing the sexual status of our bodies. It is called the Rice Purity Test.

History of Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity is one of the most impacting and lasting surveys that include questions on various aspects of life, such as sex, drugs, crimes, and vices. It is a self-graded college survey used by students at Rice University to access the degree of innocence in terms of participation in worldly matters. It is a long list of hundred questions asking almost all the fanatics, naughty or sexual activities that you have done till that point of time in your life. Rice Purity Test is a fun test, and it is created only for fun purpose and nothing else.

The first ever Rice Purity Test was taken ninety-five years ago from now. It was at that time given only to women. Generally, most of these tests may lie in the range of 0-100 % in terms of accuracy. The freshers initially developed it for the sole purpose of socializing with both seniors and fresher’s and initiate a great college life ahead. This test also enhances one’s personality since it makes everyone non-hesitant in talking about the most distracting matters that he/she might not discuss otherwise.

This test involves evaluation in terms of scores allotted to each student based on their submitted responses. The rules for this test are comparatively straightforward. It offers a list does and doesn’t as well to be considered before submitting the answers. To expect the most accurate results, transparency in responsiveness is a must.

Rice Purity Test Question

The Rice Purity Test Questions from almost all domains. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

– 1 – Encountering The Police

It involves such a field to check the obedience of the student regarding laws and how he/she tackles the cops. Does it include questions like have you ever been handcuffed or ran from the police? Etc.

– 2 – Smoking Marijuana

It is illegal in almost every country. If caught doing the person gets into un-bailable imprisonment. It involves questions like ever smoked marijuana or ever got smoking?

– 3 – Sexual Activities Outdoor

This domain is for checking how desperate the students are for sexual activities, especially about outdoor sex. Does it involve questions like ever have sex in public or cars? Etc.

– 4 – Crimes

It is included to analyze the criminal mindset and behavior of students regarding laws, rules, and regulations.

Rice Purity Test Questions - Been Arrested

The questions included are: ever got on the STI test, been suspended from school, investigated by police ever and other similar questions.

Rice Purity Test Score Division

These are allotted on a scale of 0-100 and are quantitative. Its evaluation can be done quickly by further defining the Rice Purity Test Scores in the form of various ranges like 100-98 or 97-94 and similarly many others.

Rice Purity Test Score

Let us get a brief about what each of these score ranges defines a person. Broadly given below are the most common rods of evaluation of results in these sorts of tests:

Score: 100-98

It is the maximum desirable and obtainable score. Not many students fall under this category. Only the ones born with the silver spoon are the exceptions. The people with this score tend to be highly addicted and criminal minded as well.

Score: 97-94

This range is very small and includes those students who are continuously growing. These score bearers have a firm but a very disciplined personality.

Score: 93-77

It includes the majority of the population and children range from the middle class to high-class families. The students are often indulged in better practices and are seen to be artists usually.

Score: 76-45

This category represents the introvert and shy ones. They lack social skills and are very reluctant to be a part of the mainstream.

Score: 45

It includes all those who need some help or assistance. They might be having some mental disorders or might be suffering from some disease.

There are various highlights to be kept in mind to raise your score of such tests, which includes the ones below. Ultimately, the test is based on a person’s life and the way he wants to live life.

How to Improve Rice Purity Test Score

The following are the essential aspects to be kept in mind to increase your score since more the score purer is the person deemed to be:

– 1 – Crime is not a Friend

Involvement in criminal offenses or some other related activities decreases the scorecard scale. A person with some criminal aspects in his background is always considered to be the one with a lack of values and a criminal mind.

Rice-Purity-Test-Questions Defined - Had The Police Handcuff You

Thus, a person should try to remain as far as possible from all such criminal tactics and other crime-related matters unless not a compulsion. A person with no criminal background is considered purer and hence increases the score.

– 2 – Be Social

It involves respecting the society concerning the people around us, our surroundings of the environment, and all the objects surrounding us. A person must follow the rules and regulations framed by acceptance of the majority of the society to maintain peace and dignity among them.

Rice Purity Test - Respect For Society

Obedience of by rules and maintenance of peace enhances a person’s character and hence increases his score of the rice purity test.

– 3 – Study is Above Everything

It is must today for a person to be educated and well managed. Education makes a person familiar with the realistic approach of society. It broadens the mental horizons of a person and offers it a variety of perspectives from all around.

Rice Purity Test

Different subjects being offered and made to study a sense of versatility to one’s nature. Hence education is must for every person today to live a better and bright life. Not only for raising the score of this particular test, but also to pass and suffer each situation of life with ease and comfort.

– 4 – Social and Digital Distractions

There are various distracting amenities prevalent for working with some unrealized goals. It may merely smell of someone’s favorite food or a notification popping around in our smartphones. It disturbs our focus and attention towards achieving our goals and makes it more difficult to realize it.

All You Need To Know About Rice Purity Test

One might take up various activities side by side to get rid of such distractions like taking art or guitar classes, etc. it will prevent a person from distractions like alcohol addictions, drugs, etc. and develop a skill as well in us. Staying away from such distractions makes a person more goal-oriented and focused and hence increases his/her intelligence quotient too.

– 5 – Personality is the Key

A person’s personality is the first impression of his character. His/her gestures, body language, behavior along with their sense of dressing, every minute thing is covered in the personality of a person.

His speech delivery, level of intelligence, the confidence, and also the physical looks, all these aspects enhance the overall personality of a person. Thus improving the overall personality of a person helps a lot in improving his image all around along with the moral values inherited and lastly improved the score of these sorts of tests.

– 6 – Fitness

It involves the physical well being of a person ranging from regular heartbeats to non-fluctuating blood pressure rates. It includes the healthy functioning of the various body parts or organs of a human body. A person with good health is way more productive, creative, and innovative than a sick person.

It is a widespread saying- a sound mind resides in a healthy body and is entirely accurate and practical. Thus a healthy person tends to take better life decisions, and hence there are fewer chances of that person getting into wrong-doings even by accident. This increases his/her score in such tests and proves him/her to be purer.

– 7 – Relationship Matters

It may include any relationships like between a father and a mother, a kid and his parents, two friends, husband, and wife, etc. A bond or a relationship between two persons reflect his/her true intentions and the real character.

Rice Purity Test

It involves a hell lot of emotional fluctuations mirroring the values inherited by a person and his way of thinking. How a person takes and goes along in a relationship is a very big identifier of the type of person he/she might be. Thus a person right in this aspect is deemed to be good at all others in real and hence improvising his/her required score.

– 8 – Culture & Traditions

Culture to which a person belongs is a massive contributor to his character and the value he or his personality imbibes. It is the main foundation or the building block of our respective natures or characters. It involves the rituals, traditions, or the values imbibed by our family and others around us.


The end of this is not here. It also includes the food preferences, the native languages used for communication along with the dressing styles of a particular group or community of people. It impacts the set of values of a person a lot. Since a person learns from his surroundings and what his elders do.

Thus by seeing them, he gets to learn various chores of life and becomes a pro. Hence the more developed a person’s culture in which he is grown up is, the better and pure soul he is and improvises his score in such tests.

– 9 – Say No to Drugs

Drugs are the illegal components, consumption of which is banned in almost every country. These affect our health in a very negative manner leaving around a dozen diseases along with the most significant thing- addiction. Consumption of such drugs is very addictive. Once, a person takes in some drugs; he remains out of his senses for an extended period.

Drugs Are Bad

It affects his nervous system very badly, leaving him with no wit or intelligence to analyze before taking any decision. Hence his life gets impacted a lot, and there is no coming back out of this once a person gets addicted. Thus a person who has managed to keep himself out of all such matters is very sharp and has self-control. Therefore he is pure and follows the values inherited thereby.

Final Words

Thus the above article has very clearly stated all that is to be known about a Rice Purity Test. From what it is to how was it developed, its working, uses, and all other related stuff is revealed in details in the above context. Just a glance at the above is enough.

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